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Вопросы в английском языке, с учётом использования различных времен и вспомогательных глаголов:
'do, does, did, have, has, had...'.
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Вопросительные слова - Страница 1 What? / Which? / Where? / When? / Who? / Why? / How? / … Вопросительные слова - Страница 2 How much? / How many? / What kind? / How often? / … Вопросительные слова - Страница 3 How old? / How big? / How early? / What else? / … Вопросы с: ‘Am / Are / Is’ Am I right? / Are you sure? / Is she here? Вопросы с: ‘Do / Does / Did’ Do you live here? / Does he work in this company? / Did you see that? Вопросы с: ‘Have / Has / Had’ Have you seen the UFO? / Has he eaten his meal? / Had you lived there? Вопросы с: ‘Was / Were’ Was I teaching? / Were you learning? Вопросы с: ‘Will / Would’ Will you play tennis tomorrow? / Would you work on Sundays? Вопросы с: ‘Be going to’ Are you going to cook now? / Were you going to call me yesterday? Вопросы с модальными глаголами Can you drive? / Could you do me a favor? / Must you work today? Вопросы с хвостиками You don't speak French, do you? Косвенные вопросы Do you know where she lives?