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Предложения в Conditional Perfect отвечают на вопрос WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED? = ЧТО БЫ ПРОИЗОШЛО? (I would have worked = Я бы работал), или WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPENING? = ЧТО БЫ ПРОИСХОДИЛО? (I would have been working = Я бы работал).

Времена активного залога: Conditional Perfect

Non Continuous Form - Простая форма

What would have happened? - Что бы произошло?
I would have worked - Я бы работал

  • Harry would have learnt about the catastrophe if he had watched CNN.
    Гарри узнал бы о катастрофе, если бы он смотрел «CNN».
  • If Ben had studied harder, he would have passed the test.
    Если бы Бен учился усерднее, то он сдал бы экзамен.
  • If Cindy had seen a spider, she would have been terrified.
    Если бы Синди увидела паука, то она бы испугалась.
  • Mrs. Brown would have shouted furiously if her son had dented her car.
    Миссис Браун кричала бы неистово, если бы ее сын разбил её машину.
  • If you had not obeyed his orders, something terrible would have happened.
    Если бы ты не повиновался его приказам, случилось бы нечто ужасное.
  • Had I known you were in a meeting, I would not have disturbed you.
    Если бы я знал, что ты был на совещании, я бы тебя не тревожил.
  • Molly would not have done that if she had been in your place.
    Молли не сделала бы этого, если бы она была на твоём месте.
  • Would your brother have gotten a scholarship if he had worked harder?
    Твой брат получал бы степендию, если бы он работал лучше?
  • Would his uncle have visited New York if he had traveled to the U.S.A.?
    Его дядя посетил бы Нью-Йорк, если бы он поехал в США.?

Continuous Form - Длительная форма

What would have been happening? - Что бы происходило?
I would have been working - Я работал бы

  • The employees would have been working on the project if their boss had been present.
    Служащие работали бы над проектом, если бы их босс присутствовал.
  • Dr. Hills would have been writing a book if he had found a publisher.
    Доктор Хиллс писал бы книгу, если бы он нашел издателя.
  • If my neighbors had sold their house, they would have been moving to a new house.
    ЕЕсли бы мои соседи продали свой дом, то они переехали бы в новый дом.
  • If I had seen Patrick, I would not have been calling him.
    Если бы я видел Патрика, я бы ему не звонил.
  • Would you have been waiting for me if I had not arrived early?
    Вы ждали бы меня, если бы я не приехал рано?